DeLuDraw Umformung
Metal forming with DeLuDraw:

In the industrial metal forming sector, parts are produced through permanently changing their shape. In an optimised production process, however, you need to have lubricants of a consistent quality to achieve long running times.
That is why it is so important to implement modern, innovative cooling lubricant concepts and to give due consideration to processes further down the line.
DeLuDraw series: Based on the very latest raw materials, our laboratory develops a range of process-oriented products for coordinated production processes in the following applications:

  • Wire drawing oils
  • Sodium-based lubricants
  • Coating agents
  • Dry drawing lubricants
  • Fine cutting oils
  • Punching oils
  • Deep-drawing oils
  • Water-miscible coolants
  • Rolling oils
  • Rolling emulsions