We have our own analytics laboratory at our location in Burscheid. This laboratory offers you a broad range of different services focused on lubricants. Apart from monitoring water-miscible coolants, we also offer analytical services for oils and other lubricants.

Short communication channels mean that we can react quickly: Through being in close contact with our customers, potential problems can be addressed and rectified fast and in a target-oriented manner.

Routine analytics:

  •    ph values
  •    Nitrate concentrations
  •    Concentration determination
  •    Alkalinity reserves
  •    Oil content
  •    Electrical conductivity
  •    Corrosion examinations
  •    Bacterial count determination – total bacterial count/fungi

Additional examinations:

  •    Chloride
  •    Sulphate
  •    Boric acid levels
  •    Water hardness
  •    Lime soap levels
  •    Non-ferrous metals – inhibitor content
  •    Solids content
  •    XRF
  •    FTIR
  •    Fatty acid distribution

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