We not only see ourselves as a manufacturer, but also as a consultant, a service provider and a long-term partner – all of whom accompany you along the path to achieving continuous improvement and the optimisation of your production and processes. In our eyes, providing you with individual and flexible support is a matter of course – we have virtually built staying close to our customers in the long-term into our products.

Our company culture is specially aligned to ensuring that our services are sustainable in the long run from an environmental, economic and social perspective. These are not just empty words but true values.

  • Change instead of a standstill: Our uppermost goal is to continually improve our products and the organisational processes involved. Optimising performance in the product development, logistics and other service areas surrounding our lubricants creatives the perfect environment for fostering positive customer relationships in the long term.
  • Principles ensure our continuity: Set areas of responsibility and competence at all levels secure the quality of our work. Throughout our entrepreneurial activities, we rigidly observe the given rules, laws and environmental standards and ensure that these are upheld when dealing with our customers and other interested parties.
  • Power through continued education: Only in a work environment which has been set up to provide the best possible protection against work-related accidents is it possible for competent staff members to implement their expertise and practical skills in a target-oriented manner. We support motivated performance by promoting it through continued education.

We continually set ourselves the highest quality standards so as to raise confidence in our abilities. Our management system complies with the requirements set down in EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 14001:2004 – proof of the credibility of the measures we have adopted and the results achieved.


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Sustainability as a true value