Quality is not achieved by chance. It requires careful planning and continual monitoring. We cannot offer our customers something that we do not practise ourselves. That is why we continually put a lot of effort into scrutinising our production and organisational processes for optimisation potential so that we can become even better.

We have already set the foundations for this continual improvement process. This was confirmed through our certification in accordance with the EN ISO 9001:2015 – the most widespread and important quality management (QM) standard both at home and abroad. This standard specifies the requirements placed on a quality management system that need to be implemented by a company in order to be able to meet customer demands and satisfy product and service quality expectations.

In addition, we also fulfil the requirements set down in environmental standard EN ISO 14001:2015 which certifies our environmental efforts.

We ensure that our certificates are renewed regularly in order to maintain our high quality standards as we are well aware that quality pays off in the long term.

Further information:

EN ISO 9001:2015 & EN ISO 14001:2015 certificates